When It Comes To Captaincy, Why Dhoni Is Better Than Virat ?


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So, this isn’t an article of comparison between the two best players of Indian Cricket Team. It’s only gonna mention What makes Dhoni a Better Captain when compared to Kohli?(and it’s got nothing to do with the batting skills or records)
Be it Life or Sport, there’s one thing that teaches us what to do and what not to do when in adversity and that’s Experience. Virat Kohli undoubtedly lacks this Experience when compared to Dhoni. Dhoni however, have been the Captain for over 10 years for Team India in International Cricket have mastered the art of this Experience.
Unexpected Changes ; Amazing Results
This is by far one thing that makes Dhoni Unique. It is impossible for someone to expect a sudden field change or handing over the ball to a spinner in the death overs or even letting a middle order batsman open the innings. Though though though, the choices are unexpected the results come out to be in favour of him and even best when compared to setting everything up to normal.
Captain Cool
People don’t call him Captain Cool for anything less than his ability to deal with adversity. Even in typical match losing conditions, he doesn’t lose his calm. He maintains his sereneness throughout the game from which even allows players to not lose hope and try even harder. When it comes to Kohli……..We all know what an angry young man he is !
Dhoni acclimatizes himselves to the match very well as a captain.He reads the pitch in the starting overs itself and comes to a conclusion of whom to try out most and whom to keep away.He reads the shots that a batsman is trying to play and places the field in order to that and even suggest the bowler to ball accordingly. There are a ton of scenarios when you see Dhoni advising bowlers and achieving the expected results. He makes himself a part of everything from pitch to field position to bowling lengths to batsmen’s weak points and gets accustomed to the climate of the scenario.
He Can Win The Match Even With A Worst Team
Give him the worst playing eleven and appoint him as a captain, he wins you matches for sure with his undoubted and exceptional captaincy competencies and he’s already proved that many times. With Kohli, more pressure falls on kohli himself either to score runs or some other way.
No matter how many runs kohli scores or how many records he achieved in a short span, When it comes to the captaincy Dhoni is better than him and almost many other captains of the world cricketing teams.

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