Spain End Italy’s Qualification Round Undefeated Run!


Spain end Italy’s 11-year old undefeated run in the World Cup and Euro Cup Qualifiers. Italy lost more than the match last night. The match also cost them their World Cup qualifiers undefeated streak.

It was a streak vs streak match with both the teams protecting their undefeated run in the World Cup Qualifiers. When they entered at Santiago Bernabeu, they played for their streaks as well as getting an advantage in the World Cup qualifiers round. Both the teams entered the match with equal points in the Group G after the end of six games. However, with an impressive win yesterday, Spain are now at the advantage.

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Isco’s Two Goals Helped Spain End Italy’s Undefeated Run!

Italy last lost in the preliminary round in the European Championship and World Cup phase against France in 2006. They lost 1-3 to France in the qualifying round in 2006. 

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Spain, on the other hand, still continue their astonishing undefeated run in the preliminary stage. The last time they lost in a preliminary stage was in the year 1993 against Denmark. Denmark defeated Spain 1-0 in the year 1993 in the qualifying round. Since then, Spain have never lost a single match in the stage. Thus, they continue their 24-year undefeated run. They have played 59 games since then and have never lost a single one.

Isco’s two goals and Alvaro Morata’s one goal helped the Spanish defeat Italy 3-0 and thus, bringing the ultimate run to an end.

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