MS Dhoni meeting with young fan will win your heart.

MS Dhoni is in Bangalore for four days for the ODI match against Australia.

A lucky fan spotted with MS Dhoni in Bengaluru. His short story will inspire you to never give up and try hard to get what you want. When a person meets his idol and holding his emotion is not too easy when he really love and follow them passionately.

MS Dhoni has produced some outstanding and stunning acts with the gloves. He has been proving it every time. Apart from all these, Dhoni is known for his calm and composed nature both on and off the field.

qasimadil, dhoni fan, Bengaluru

This made him have a huge fan base not only in India but all over the world. No matter it is Pakistan or England, Dhoni is adored everywhere. But only a few get a chance to meet the former ‘Captain Cool’.

I went to the hotel every day and looked for a moment to meet him for almost eight hours. Will this hotel be a lobby, jim, swimming pool, smah? I hope. Eventually I went to the practice session at the stadium. But all the time I was disappointed. I knew it was possible to meet Dhoni at the end of the match today. I knew that Dhoni would come to 10 o’clock in the morning to eat tiffin. I reached the hotel six in the morning. I’ve been there for about four hours since then. That chance had come. I could not stop the excitement when Dhoni walked in and ran to me. I left the tiffin plate that he eats and went to the table where he was sitting. But .. There are four security personnel guarding Dhoni. They did not let me go to Dhoni. As well as an outburst, I was crying with emotion. Finally one of the security staff came and talked with me. Four days later, I am stuck to the quest that I am going to do with Dhoni. When Dhoni Tiffin finished eating, some people went to Dhoni for the photos. I do not even want to give up this opportunity. But the miracle happened. Dhoni himself came to me. At that moment I grabbed the urge and stunned him. Why are you crying? Dhoni was very touched by me. Until then I presented a letter to Dhoni as a gift. Dhoni went on to say that it was Thanjuk .. “Qaisam Adal emotionally explained.

He is a fan of Dhoni. Well, this time he went around eight days in Bangalore for a four-day visit to Bangalore to visit this former captain. Qasim dream was finally fulfilled. The young fan’s eyes were filled with joyful wounds when the god of love spoke to him for a few moments.

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