‘Magic’ Penalty That Leaves Thai Goalie Red-Faced


Thai goalkeeper left red-faced after sprinting from his goalline to celebrate a penalty hitting the crossbar in a shoot-out.

Stand aside Premier League players, this Thai soccer player has showed how to take the ultimate match-winning penalty.


Although judging by his reaction, we’d say the Bangkok Sports Club player was just as surprised as the goalkeeper was to see the ball hit the net.

In footage captured from the stands during the team’s semi-final penalty shootout again Satri Angthong on Saturday. The player initially appears to miss the goal as the ball bounces off the crossbar.

The red-faced keeper makes a desperate dash for the goal but it’s too late. The Crowd is cheering and laughing hysterically at the bizarre goal.

The bizarre penalty came early on. From throwing Bangkok a lifeline in a shootout that Bangkok Sports Club had been on the verge of losing.
Watch now full video – https://youtu.be/UiC8EuLO3jg

One of their players stepped up to take the third penalty knowing a miss would see his team dumped from the tournament.

He struck the ball hard onto the crossbar, sending his opposite number dashing from his line in jubilation.

But in comical scenes, Satri’s keeper turned to see the ball bounce near the penalty spot and spin back towards the unguarded net.


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