Fabio Fognini Fined & Banned For Abusing The Umpire!


The Italian star, Fabio Fognini, received a fine as well as a ban for abusing the umpire. He received a fine more than £18,000 after he lost his cool during his first-round singles match at Flushing Meadows. He lost the match to Stefano Travaglia, a fellow Italian and abused the umpire in frustration. Currently ranked #26, Fabio Fognini faces more punishment as well.

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Fabio Fognini Has Been Suspended From The US Open For Abusing The Umpire!

Now, the Grand Slam board will investigate whether he committed a major offense as per the Grand Slam Code of Conduct. Due to this reason, he will no longer participate in the men’s doubles. He and his partner were to play in the second round of the tournament.

However, this is not the end of trouble for the Italian. If found guilty of a further offense, Fabio Fognini could receive a fine as big as £190,000 along with suspension from future Grand Slam games.

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Fabio Fognini, however, took to Twitter to apologize for his misconduct. He tweeted: 

“First of all, I would apologize to you fans, to the referee for what happened.

“It was just a very bad day, but it did not forgive my behavior in the match. Although I’m a hot-head (and though I’ve been right in most circumstances) I was wrong. But in the end, it’s only a tennis game.”


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