Official Account Hacking Leaves FC Barcelona Fans In A State Of Shock!

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How often do we see an official account hacked by a group of hackers? Well, not so often. Another such rare case which happened is FC Barcelona’s official account getting into the hands of hackers.

Angel Di Maria To Join FC Barcelona? We Will Find Out!
Angel Di Maria To Join FC Barcelona? We Will Find Out!

Barcelona’s official Twitter handle announced their new signing which left all the fans in a state of shock. According to the Twitter account of FC Barcelona, Angelo Di Maria is now a member of FC Barcelona. However, we still do not know whether this news is true or this is just a hoax. The Spanish club’s official twitter account said:

“Welcome Angel Di Maria to FC Barcelona!

The Spanish club, FC Barcelona, are having difficult time concerning the transfer window. Almost every player they target, the negotiations never seem to hit the bull’s eye, and the goals seem unlikely to achieve. Not only this but also their Ace player, Neymar JR left the Catalan Giants to join Paris Saint Germain. The Brazilian striker, however, is performing well for his new club.

The successful La Liga club, Barcelona, is looking for someone to fit Neymar’s shoes. And without a shadow of a doubt, Angel Di Maria is one of the few who would fit in. We will just have to see whether this news is true or just floating rumors.

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